Grad CareerFestival

Soft Skills Track  

June 25th 2021 from 11-8 pm EDT.

Join 18 career authors and coaches who will each provide in TEDTalk length presentations, three, tips, skills, and/or strategies you can use to explore career options, create a career plan, and manage your career!

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Out Think: How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes

  11 am EDT

G. Shawn Hunter


Researchers are predicting as much as fifty percent of today’s jobs will be eliminated due to artificial intelligence technologies and robotics engineering.

Any repetitive task in any job is likely to be eliminated from job descriptions. So what are you going to do?

You will gain insight about crucial questions of leadership, creativity, and innovation, along with concrete useful advice that will help you earn your place in an employment market.

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Learn to Apply Your Strengths to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence at Work
 11:40 am EDT

Ben Dilla

Personal Strengths

Before you launch your career you need to understand your strengths and limitations.

This will give you an opportunity to know where to invest additional time in professional development training and what projects and opportunities you can successfully accomplish at work. Ben will share with you how to adapt to your new corporate culture and best apply your strengths.

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ME: How to Sell Who You Are And What You Do & Why You Matter to the World
 12:00 pm EDT

Dr. Assegid W. Habtewold

Soft Skills

Dozens of surveys and reports have suggested the importance of soft skills.

In fact a number suggest employers put more value on soft skills than the academic training you’ve gotten. You will learn over a dozen soft skills that will help you impress hiring managers and those who hire you.

Join Dr. Habtewold to learn how to show employers your commitment to building strong, engaging soft skills.

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Do You Have a “Why” Statement and How You Want your Values to Drive Your Career?
 12:40 pm EDT

Susan Curtain

Know thyself

You are among the brightest graduates your college has ever produced.

You have successfully completed the requirements of all of your professors and have been awarded your degree.

The one thing your college likely did not teach you or encourage you to spend time on is how important it will be for your values and interest to influence the direction of your career. Susan will help you build your “Why” statement build on your passions and purpose.

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The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates: Vital Lessons to Improve Your Value
 1:00 pm EDT

Sean Glaze


Rising to a position of leadership is both a choice and a journey. Not all great leaders seek leadership from the beginning, and not all who seek leadership are prepared for the demands involved.

You will likely assume a leadership position in the not too distant future and it will be important for you to gain an understanding of what style of leadership will be most comfortable to you. You will gain insight into Sean’s simple five-step process to become an effective leader.

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Choose a Company With a Culture That Compliments Your Talents and Interests
  1:40 pm EDT

Joanie Connell

Public Speaking

One of the most important documents you will be given when you start your new job is your job description.

You need to pull that out weekly and monthly meet with your manager to get his/her feedback on changes and modifications to your time commitment and or output.

This will give you a chance to take risks, make mistakes and get a better understanding of what your managers expect of you.

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Vanquish Any Fear of Public Speaking and Watch Your Career Zoom!

  2:00 pm EDT

Cam Barber

Public Speaking

You will be called on from time to time to give a talk or presentation to your colleagues, prospects, and/or customers.

Fear not!

Cam will give you tips and strategies that will give you the confidence to lead discussions and make presentations to anyone!

Knowing what to say, how to say, it when to say it, and who to say it to will help you quickly advance your career.

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Set Goals and Track Your Progress if You Want to Advance Rapidly
2:40 pm EDT

Roberta Roberts

Set Goals

Too often, entry-level professional works step into a job and expect management to tell them what they should be doing next.

You can stand out by showing management your willingness to set goals, track your progress, and report to management your progress.

This simple technique will show your management they don’t need to micromanage you and that you are leadership material.

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Draw Your Big Idea: The Ultimate Creativity Tool for Turning Thoughts Into Action and Dreams Into Reality
 3:00 pm EDT

Heather Willems


Managers rate communication skills as one of the top three skills they are looking for.

According to Heather, it’s important to be able to not only verbally communicate ideas, strategies, and concepts but to also visually present them. Images speak louder than words.

Studies show that images also help people think Visual note-taking such as doodling increase memory retention rates by nearly 30 percent and opens creative pathways, strengthens focus and inspires self-expression.

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Accepting Feedback, Advice, and Change is Critical to Your Career Success
3:40 am EDT

Jill Reggiannini

Ask for Feedback

Do you have thick or thin skin? Do you welcome advice, suggestions, and change?

As you start your first professional job it will be immensely important that you keep an open mind and understand that criticism and feedback will be an important part of your professional development.

Keep in mind you are stepping into a new position and have little knowledge of the culture, industry, and processes.

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DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community
 4:00 pm EDT

Gabriela Pereira

Problem Solving

You will be called on to write detailed emails, budget proposals, blog articles and reports through-out your career and along the way you might even want to write a book.

You will learn little known secrets that will provide you more confidence in communicating with others.

Gabriela will share with important elements to writing a book and how to share your experience, passion and story.

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Know thy self!
  4:40 am EDT

TJ Warren

Personal Strengths

Know thy self! You need to know who you are in order to know where you are going.

It might sound trite but it’s an important foundation on knowing where you need to take your career.

Your path is leading to your future and you need to be cognizant of it. Learn the fundamental questions you need to ask to gain a better insight into career paths, jobs, and responsibilities you will excel at.

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You Are The Team: 6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go From Good To Great
 5:00 pm EDT

Michael G. Rogers

Supporting Colleagues

Business today is growing more complex by the minute and smart organizations recognize that it takes a team of staff to introduce a new product, develop new production processes, and research and implement new strategies.

Your team is only as good as it’s the weakest member.

You need to learn the six simple ways you can help teams go from good to great in order to yourself for rapid career advancement.

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Your education has not ended, it’s just beginning!
  5:40 pm EDT

Samorn Selim

Life-Long Learning

Your greatest investment that you will EVERY make is the investment you make in yourself.

The information and skills you FEED yourself will pay off in HUGE dividends as you move along in your career.

Your education has not ended, it’s just beginning! There are many different channels that you can tap into to gain access to the knowledge, skills, and information you need to advance your career.

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You Have to Sell Yourself to Convince Hiring Managers 
6:00 pm EDT

David Cook


We are all salespersons. Every day we sell our friends, family, significant others on ideas and or things we want to do.

David will give you proven communication steps that will help you get your message across to any audience you are looking to influence.

You need to learn basic persuasive skills if you are going to influence those in your personal and business life.

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Get What You Want!
6:40 pm EDT

Josh Brecheisen


There is nothing wrong with expecting to advance rapidly in your career, but to do so you have to be willing to invest an enormous amount of time not only in your work but your career.

Josh will share with you three components of investing in your career; Goals, Energy, and Teacher.

You will take away a foundation on which you can build a strategy to get what you want!

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You Need to Look Beyond Setbacks
 7:00 pm EDT

Tobin Porterfield

Soft Skills

No one said your first job was going to be your dream job. It should be a steppingstone on the way to your dream job.

During that time, you are likely to get discouraged and sidetracked.

Brea will provide advice and strategies that can keep you focused on getting where you want to go.

You will gain confidence in living through setbacks in both your personal and business lives.