Grad CareerFestival

Post Graduation Life Track  

June 24th 2021 from 11-8 pm EDT.

Join 18 career authors and coaches who will each provide in TEDTalk length presentations, three, tips, skills, and/or strategies you can use to explore career options, create a career plan, and manage your career!

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Financial Mistakes of New College Grads

  11 am EDT

Joe Templin

Financial Guidance

You can take comfort in the fact that millions upon millions of college grads have walked before you.

Unfortunately, many make the same mistakes when they start off their career because their colleges have not prepared them for the “practical” aspects of life after college.

Joe Templin has seen the financial mistakes graduates make and will offer three tips to help you start your career on solid financial footing.

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Don’t Be Shy About Sharing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
 11:40 am EDT

Melanie Schneider

Communication Strengths

Successful managers know they need to hire a variety of people with unique strengths to successfully serve customers/clients, develop and launch new products, and in general to help the department and company reach its goals.

You should make sure your manager and colleagues know both your strengths and weakness so they can see where your gifts fit into the overall team’s capabilities.

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How to be a Top Performer by Working Less Yet Achieving More
  12:00 pm EDT

Morten Hansen

Working Smarter

Best-selling author and lecturer at University of California, Berkeley Morten Hansen has conducted extensive research to gain a better understanding of why some people can work less but accomplish more!

If you are looking to learn the secret to be a MAJOR producer in your future jobs without living at work, join Morten.

You will learn proven strategies that will help you advance your career in less time and with less effort!

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Practice being a Leader Without the Title
 12:40 pm EDT

Gregg Frederick

Practice Leadership Daily

If you want to advance quickly and be recognized as a potential leady you will have to act like one, even though you don’t have the responsibility.

That doesn’t mean you boss everyone around, but that you show management you are self-sufficient and capable of handling the responsibilities you’ve been given with minimal oversight.

Gregg will share ideas on how you can not only accomplish that but also use your strengths to succeed in your position.

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Stop Settling, Settle Smart!
  1:00 pm EDT

Dana Look-Arimoto

Control Your Career

You are moving from placing all-nighters to study for finals and completing projects and group assignments.

Learn why you need to determine who you are so you can control your career.

Now you are stepping into a high-pressure work environment where the tests and assignments never end.

You will have to learn how to deliver on your job description while at the same time learn how to balance your career.

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Go For It!
  1:40 pm EDT

Svetlana Saitsky


Your career is really a marathon where there will be times you will be moving into new responsibilities and roles faster than others.

You have control on when you want to sprint and when you want to coast.

Svetlana will remind you to first get really clear on what you want to accomplish and how to keep moving toward that goal in the face of opposition, setbacks or just bad breaks!

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One of the MOST important strategies you could implement in your career

 2:00 pm EDT

Amanda Francanzani

Career Coaching

One of the MOST important strategies you could implement in your career – RIGHT NOW – is to find mentors and start working with a professional career coach.

You know athletes have them, executives have them so why not you.

A career coach will do more to help you keep moving your career in the direction that is right for you and to get the positions and salary you deserve.

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Pursue Jobs and Responsibilities That are Aligned With Your Strengths
 2:40 pm EDT

Damian Zikakis

Strengths Management

You can save yourself a huge amount of grief and misfortune by taking time right now to learn your strengths and identify the types of jobs and responsibilities you will not only succeed at but that will bring you the most joy.

Damian will remind you to search for work that you not only enjoy, but can do skillfully and will quench your intellectual curiosity. Take a moment early in your career to learn how to love your career.

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The Ultimate Side Hustle Book: 450 Moneymaking Ideas for the Gig Economy
 3:00 pm EDT

Elana Varon

Side Hustles

Research is suggesting that fifty percent of the workforce will be freelancing by 2027. Freelancers are self-employed and work on a contractual basis for one or multiple companies.

Freelancing could offer you an opportunity to use tools like to accept assignments outside your normal 8-5 job. This will not only give you greater earning power but it could set the foundation for you working completely on your own and set your own hours. 

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There are 12,000+ Job Roles – Don’t Limit Your Exploration
 3:40 am EDT

Wendy Flint

Career Exploration

Your academic career gave you specific knowledge about your major that your professors felt were critical in order for you to graduate.

What your degree did not help you with is to determine which of those 12,000 roles will excite you! Wendy will give you tips and strategies on how you can identify what industry, what role, and what responsibilities will likely match your strengths and interests.

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Just Graduated Guided Journal: Preparing for Life After College
 4:00 pm EDT

Sara Boehm Archer

Career Management

College graduation means that you are likely headed to many new beginnings: a new city, a new job or school, new faces, new routines.

Take the time right now to appreciate your past years in college and to think through where you want to head in the near and long term.

Whether your next step is more school, a new job, travel, or exploration, Sara will encourage you to write about your experiences, feelings, and to start planning for a great new life.

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Know Where You Want to Be in 5, 10, and 15 years
  4:40 am EDT

Analia Mendez

Career Planning

There are two things you need to lock down before you even start your career.

You need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and you need to know what your end goals are You need to know what responsibilities and positions you’d like to have so you can begin to prepare yourself for them.

Analia will share tips and strategies that will help you leverage this knowledge to get where you want to be faster with minimal mistakes.

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The Business of You! It’s not just about getting a job… it’s about making that job work for you.
  5:00 pm EDT

Mark Blayney

First Job

Mark reminds us that we are in control of our personal and business life and have unlimited opportunities available to us.

You have to manage your career like a business owner if you want the fast track to advancement and promotions.

You need to be the CEO of your own company and create a vision and mission statement, as well as attainable goals.

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Keep an Open Mind, Be Realistic, and Don’t Settle
  5:40 pm EDT

Jason Madden

Don't Settle

Don’t forget that this is your career and you CAN control its direction and destiny. Jason will remind you about your primary goals of focusing on income, lifestyle, accumulating wealth and equity goals.

Retirement comes faster than you might imagine.

Join Jason to learn proven strategies to launch an lead a successful career.

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Three Strategies to Manage Your Student Loan Portfolio and Pay It Off FAST!
6:00 pm EDT

Val Breit

Student Loans

If you are like most grads you will be paying $400 or more every month for the next decade.

There are a number of ways you can get ahead of that schedule and pay down your loans faster and along the way save thousands of dollars. This will improve your credit score and will make you even more attractive to firms who are looking you over.

Join Val for tips that will let you keep your hard-earned dollars!

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Total Internship Management
 6:40 pm EDT

Dr. Robert Shindell

Internship Management

Hiring managers consider internships an important qualification for a job.

If you have had an internship you need to know how to leverage that experience and show hiring managers what you learned and how you can apply that knowledge and skill in the job they are looking to fill.

If you did not have an internship you need to show hiring managers what you’ve learned from your part-time jobs.

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Which is Worse? A Company Requiring a Drug Test or Doing a Credit Check
7:00 pm EDT

C. Michael Smith

Financial Strategies

You’ve proven your academic prowess and have earned your degree.

Now you will need to prove your business acumen and value to the firms that are going to hiring you in the next decade.

Lukas has been there done that! He’s going to share with you proven strategies that help propel his career from an entry-level job to the C-Suite of an industry leading company in less than 10 years.