Grad CareerFestival

Career Management Track  

 June 22nd, 2021 from 11-8 pm EST.

Join 18 career authors and coaches who will each provide in TEDTalk length presentations, three, tips, skills, and/or strategies you can use to explore career options, create a career plan, and manage your career!

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Your Successful Career Starts with an Easy to Follow Career Plan!

 11 am EDT

Brian Fetherstonhaugh

Career Planning

Few people have taken the time to create a career plan.

As a result, they stumble from one job to another without a clear understanding on how the next job is going to get them to their dream job.

Brian leads an organization with over 22,000 employees and will share with you tips he’s learned that will help you manage your career through each transition.

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A Quick Exercise to Identify What You Want to Do and What Industries You Should Work In
 11:40 am EDT

Shaunna Levy

Career Exploration

One thing your college has not helped you do is to gain a better perspective on what you want to do with your career and what industries you have the greatest chance of success.

Shaunna will share with you simple exercise you can use to drill down to the important fundamental elements of what you consider a successful career and then use that information like a roadmap to guide your career.

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ME: How to Sell Who You Are And What You Do & Why You Matter to the World
  12:00 pm EDT

Donald Roy

Personal Branding

Who you are in the business world is built on what others think you are!

So to gain a better understanding of who you are you need to do an analysis and take an introspective look through the eyes of others.

Don will share with you the 3M’s of personal branding – Meaning, Makeup, and Message.

By following his formula you will create a cohesive personal branding message the will help shape your career.

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Articulate Your Talents and How They Will Impact the Firms You Want to Work With
  12:40 pm EDT

Mark Demos

Sell Yourself

You are among 2,000,000 college students graduating during May and June.

All of you are stepping into an economy that is hiring 200,000 or fewer employees per month. It’s no wonder then that the average grad will take nearly 8 months to land a job.

Mark will show you how to impress hiring managers by showing them how you will use your talents to help their firms reach their goals.

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Launching Careers: Success When Entering The Workforce 
  1:00 pm EDT

Julie Visser

Career Strategy

Before you enter the workforce it only makes sense to gain a better perspective of who you are, what you want to be, and where you will best fit in the workforce.

Now more than ever you need to take the time to do a personal assessment, conduct a career base scoring, identify your personal characteristics, do a skills inventory and identify your value and strength triggers.

Julie will share with you how to identify and build on this foundation

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Choose a Company With a Culture That Compliments Your Talents and Interests
  1:40 pm EDT

Cheryl Magee

Company Culture

You are more than likely familiar with the term “Square peg in a round hole.”

Research by Deloitte shows 88 percent of employees believe culture is important to business success.

More importantly company culture has an enormous effect on personal success and happiness. Before you even start your career you need to identify which cultures will support your career advancement.

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Networking in the 21st Century

 2:00 pm EDT

David Fisher

Professional Networking

You will quickly find out that your network of friends and their friends will become an amazing source of leads for jobs.

In this twenty-first century you will need to learn how to effectively identify and cultivate a network so it will be easier for you to move from job to job in the future.

David will share proven techniques you can use to easily build a professional network you can use to advance your career.

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What do you want to do when you grow up?
 2:40 pm EDT

Yuri Kruman

Career Strategy

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Yuri is a career coach that has worked with hundreds of people to help them find out what they want to do and where they want to go in their career.

Yuri will share practical ideas on how you can create a life that supports your interests and skills.

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Do You Have a Career Plan?
 3:00 pm EDT

Kristin Sherry

Career Mapping

Do you know where you want to end up in five to ten years? You have an incredible opportunity right now to begin to figure out who you are, what your talents will make you a superstar at and where you want them to take you.

Kristin has written the book on how to map out your career and she will do it for you!

John Lennon was quoted as saying, "If you don't know where you are going, you are already there."  Build your career map today!

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Become Aware of Your Strengths to Expand Your Career Horizons
  3:40 am EDT

Lisa Rice

Your Strengths

Chances are you are unsure of what industries and jobs your academic achievements not have prepared you for.

It’s important also to know what your personal strengths and gifts are to better identify what the perfect starting job. Lisa will share with you a variety of online resources that will help you expand your awareness of the careers and jobs that will leverage your skills and interests.

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Be the You, YOU Want to Be and LOVE your Life!
 4:00 pm EDT

Malcom & Simone Collins

Expanding Horizons

Your life must have balance in order for you to be happy.

You need to define who you are and what you want to be so you can pick and choose the jobs, responsibilities, and activities YOU want to be involved in.

Join Malcom and Simone for tips you will use your entire career.

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Communicate Your Value With Hiring Authorities
 4:40 pm EDT

Jan Makela

Your Strengths

You not only need to know what you are good at and enjoy doing, but you also need to know how to articulate your value to hiring authorities.

Hiring authorities have heard from everyone they are hard workers, but what they really want to know is how you will leverage your experience and skills to help their organizations reach their goals.  Jan will remind you to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager.

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You’re the Boss of Your Own Career! Lead Yourself to Job Happiness
 5:00 pm EDT

Jennifer Way

Career Attitude

If you don’t take control of your own career, plenty of others will do so for you.

Jennifer will share with you a philosophy that will benefit you the rest of your life!

Her high energy strategy will show you how to set a career course and continue to advance toward your dream job.

Jennifer will fire you up and get you on course.

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Become Aware of Your Strengths to Expand Your Career Horizons
5:40 pm EDT

Liza Wisner

Life Plan

You are going to join two million grads who are entering the workforce and every single one—like you – are looking to launch a meaningful career.

Kenya born Liza Wisner is going to fire you up and help you see that you need to move fast to get ahead in your career.

You will see why Liza was a finalist on Donald Trump's TV program, The Apprentice.

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Experience Over Degrees: The Blueprint to Get You the Job Your Degree Doesn’t
 6:00 pm EDT

Rishav Khanal

Your Strengths

Getting your degree involved a lot of hard work and an enormous amount of money.

Now you need to leverage that investment to launch your career. You need a tactical road map to share your experiences and skills with hiring authorities. You will also need to start to build your professional network.

Rishav has mastered the art of networking and will share with you proven strategies to let your network find your next job.

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Learn it, love it, live it.
  6:40 pm EDT

Kristen Nuesmeyer

Career Attitude

If you don’t know who you are and what you are capable of doing, you won’t stand out to hiring authorities.

Kristen reminds us that you need to have a clear understanding of what you can do for the company that you are interviewing with and how you will show them that you can do it!

With 2,000,000 fellow graduates entering the job market at the same time, you need to stand out to get the job you aspire to!

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The Business of YOU: A Guide to Finding, Managing, and Succeeding in Your Career
7:00 pm EDT

Lukas Krause

Career Confidence

You’ve proven your academic prowess and have earned your degree.

Now you will need to prove your business acumen and value to the firms that are going to hiring you in the next decade.

Lukas has been there done that! He’s going to share with you proven strategies that help propel his career from an entry-level job to the C-Suite of an industry leading company in less than 10 years.