Grad CareerFestival

Job Search Track  

 June 23rd, 2021 from 11-8 pm EDT.

Join 18 career authors and coaches who will each provide in TEDTalk length presentations, three, tips, skills, and/or strategies you can use to explore career options, create a career plan, and manage your career!

Job Boards and Job Search Tools: Strategies to Make them Work for You!

 11 am EDT

Roberto Angulo

Job Boards

There are over 50k job niche job boards.

You will learn where to find the most relevant job boards as well as how to best utilize job boards to find jobs that take advantage of your education and match your interests.

Roberto founded AfterCollege, the largest student and post-graduation job board in the world!

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Write Down Your Dreams and Goals First
1:40 am EDT

Todd Bauerle

Goal Setting

You can’t launch a successful career without knowing where you want to end up.

Todd will share with you fundamental steps you need to take to first identify the “end game” what you want to achieve, where you want to go in your career and then fill in the steps to get there.

You will understand the power of faith in helping you reach your goals and why you need to write down your goals.

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60 Seconds & You are Hired!
12:00 pm EDT

Robin Ryan

Interviewing Skills

Research suggests it takes on average over 10 interviews to get a job.

With those odd, it only makes sense to do a significant amount of research about the firms you are interviewing with and to practice prior to the interview in order to “ace” the interview.

Research shows it takes a many as 11 interviews to land a job.  You'll gain a perspective on why you need to conduct research on the organization and prepare ahead of time.

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Tips on Building a Mentoring Relationship with Your Managers and Loving Your Job
  12:40 pm EDT

Kristen O'Shea

Mentors & Advisors

Most people leave jobs because they can’t stand their boss.

Your boss has not been promoted to his/her position to coddle you and accept your faults. His/her job is to help you help the company reach its goals.

Kristen will share tips on how you can leverage your relationship with your boss so you know what he/she expects of you and provides you the guidance and coaching you need to advance your career

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Resumes That Stand Out! Tips for College Students and Recent Grads for Writing a Superior Resume and Securing an Interview
 1:00 pm EDT

L. Xavier Cano


Your resume is still going to be an important tool in your career tool chest to help you get a job.

Most people don’t understand how critically important it is for your resume to include keywords that will be recognized by automated software that parses through resumes to identify people that most likely match their hiring needs.

You will learn how to make your resume work for you so you land your first job faster!

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Proven tips to Create a Strengths-Based Resume
 1:40 pm EDT

Kat Frati

Strengths Based Resumes

Now that you’ve taken the time to complete assessments, you need to be able to communicate those skills particularly through your resume.

Kat will share with you easy to adopt techniques to present your strengths in your resume so they will show how you can accomplish the tasks and responsibilities outlined in the job description and role you are applying for.

You can use these techniques to get your resumes put on the short stack.

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Hack Your Job Search with LinkedIn

  2:00 pm EDT

Jeremy Schifeling

LinkedIn tips

Most new grads starting their careers follow the same approach: Apply for jobs online and hope to hear back.

The problem is that they usually don’t hear back – which leaves them scrambling to find any old gig or move back with their parents.

But what if there was a way to hack this broken process and increase your chances of success 10X? Find out how to accomplish this with LinkedIn

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Your Job Description is Your Ticket to Rapid Career Advancement
 2:40 pm EDT

Lorraine McCamley

Job Description

Too often people apply for a job, review their job description and file it away. You can’t do that and expect to succeed.

Your job description is something you should review monthly and get feedback from your colleagues and your boss as to how well you are accomplishing the tasks that impact their performance.

Lorraine will give you proven strategies on how you can take advantage of your strengths to complete the tasks assigned to you.

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Telephone Interview SUCCESS – How to Prepare, Perform and Follow Up
 3:00 pm EDT

Sam Waterfall

Telephone & Video Interviews

Research suggests it takes as many as 11 interviews to land a job.

One of the first interview steps you will have is either a phone or video interview.

With the odds of landing a job from your first interview slim to none, it only makes sense to prepare for and maximize the opportunity.

Same will give you rock-solid strategies to “ace” the interview and land the job!

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Research the Organizations You Want to Work With
 3:40 am EDT

Viviane Lopuch

Employer Research

Viviane has talked with hundreds of hiring managers who wince when they interview grads who have no clue on what their firm does, or even a general understanding of the job they are applying for. (even after providing them the job description)

Viviane will help you stand out from others with tips and strategies on how to show hiring managers you invested time in researching the company’s products, service, and people.

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Amazing Cover Letters to Get a Job Faster!
 4:00 pm EDT

Mark Baker

Cover Letters

Your cover letter is something you can craft to stand out from others vying for the same position.

You only have seconds to catch the attention of hiring managers so learn how to make an amazing impression instantly.

Learn proven tips and strategies you can add to all of your cover letters that will increase the likelihood of getting noticed.

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LinkedIn and Compensation Strategies to Land Your First Job
 4:40 am EDT

Donald Crews


Few people use their LinkedIn profile to show why they are the right candidates.

It’s important that your profile identifies qualitative and quantitive success stories about you.

Donald will share with you how you can use your LinkedIn profile to stand out. You will also learn how to maximize the compensation you receive!

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Career Mapping: Planning Your Career on Purpose
 5:00 pm EDT

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Elevator Pitch

John Lennon has been quoted to say, “If you don’t know where you are going – you are already there.”

It’s critically important that you take the time at the beginning of your career to create a career plan to follow.

Dorothy will give you an example of how you can visualize where you want to goal, put it down on paper and then take the necessary steps to get there!

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Get in Touch With Who You Are to Help You Decide Your Career Path
  5:40 pm EDT

Jennifer Doyle Vancil

Strengths Awareness

Everything starts with know your strengths and weaknesses. How much time or investment have you made in taking career, personality, skills, or behavior assessments. Jennifer will remind you that this is as important as checkups with your doctor.

You need to know the fundamentals of who you are so you can then choose the right industry and apply your values to choose the right role in which you will succeed.

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Social Media Networking: How to Use Social Media to Get the Job You Want, Find Love, Get Business Success and Boost Your Travel Experience
,  6:00 pm EDT

Tim Lewis

Social Media Strategies

It used to be the only way you could network with others was to attend local, regional, and national meetings and conferences.

Today you can network with hundreds of times more people while sitting in your bathrobe eating breakfast.

Tim will share with you how you can use your social media channels to build a powerful professional network.  You will pick up little know tricks that will help you land a job faster!

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Communicate With Hiring Manager Who You Really Are
 6:40 pm EDT

John Gregory Vincent

Employer Communication

IHollywood is all about stories.

You have a story to tell that will capture the interest of the people who will hire you.

You just need to craft the story with the kind of hooks that will make you memorable.

Everyone hiring managers interview has a degree and is a hard worker. You must be able to show what makes you stand out and why your passion will help the company.

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The Business of YOU: A Guide to Finding, Managing, and Succeeding in Your Career
  7:00 pm EDT

Wayne C. Robinson

Job Search Strategies

We haven’t found anyone yet that we can call a “born job seeker”!

While it doesn’t take the knowledge and experience of a rocket scientist there are fundamental skills and strategies one can implement to land a job faster with less effort.

Armed with the right tips, skills, and strategies you will land a job faster with less effort!

Wayne can fill you in on what you need to do to create a powerful results-oriented job search strategy.