Grad CareerFestival

Four-day Online Career Conference
Featuring 72 of the world's TOP career authors and coaches!

The Grad CareerFestival will convene dozens of the nation’s top career authors, career coaches, and employment industry experts for the must-attend event for recent college graduates.

It’s quite frankly the largest collection of post-graduation career support ever organized for college graduates.

This group of industry professionals is committed to not only give graduates the knowledge and skills they need to land jobs faster but also to help them understand how to build and execute a career plan so they can reach the personal and career success they dream of.

Together, this group of industry thought leaders who are passionate about solving post-graduation issues graduates face, will share proven strategies, identify time-saving tricks, and give college graduates the formulas and confidence they will need to launch and lead successful careers!

The first year out of college is critical for college students.
Participants in the Grad CareerFestival will take away the knowledge and skills they will need in the 11-14 job searches they are expected to go through by the time they are 38 years old. (Department of Labor Statistics)

TalentMarks is the producer of the Grad CareerFestival.  TalentMarks is a leading provider or anytime, anywhere, and any place career curriculum and professional development programming to career centers and alumni associations nationwide.

Over 1,000 career centers and 150 alumni associations have participated in TalentMarks online career events. TalentMarks started producing summer career events for students and graduates in 2012 because research showed graduates were not prepared for their first professional job search. Fast forward to 2020 and little has changed!

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The Career Speaker Series features weekly career lectures by the world's top career authors.  Watch for emails each month that will identify the four upcoming speakers who will offer tips, skills, and strategies to help you launch your career!
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